Dimensions are 50" wide, 18” deep, and 36” tall.


13 gallon trash cans are included unless the Laundry Hampers are added!!(Use 13 gallon trash bags to fit the kitchen trash can perfectly)


This cabinet ships as two base cabinets and on top spanning both cabinets. Both bases and top easily attach together using the predrilled holes and screws provided.


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North Dakota




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We try very hard to get everything built and shipped within about 4 weeks!!


We are a small family business and continue to work everyday and will continue to work everyday!! We are still getting truck loads of lumber in to build our cabinets every week! We have been having delays in getting the amount of hardware we use each week, but we are getting cabinets shipped out as fast as possible! Thank you so much for your patience!!

Pine Quadruple With Drawers