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Dimensions are 36" wide, 13” deep, and 36” tall.


trash cans are included unless the Laundry Hampers are added!!(Use 13 gallon trash bags to fit the kitchen trash can perfectly)


This cabinet ships as two base cabinets and on top spanning both cabinets. Both bases and top easily attach together using the predrilled holes and screws provided.


Each cabinet is shipped directly to your doorstep fully assembled with the tops easily attached using the predrilled holes and screws provided.


Shipping based on delivery address and Nationwide shipping is available!


For A Limited Time We Currently as of September 25th have Free Delivery to any deliver address in the entire states of:






South Dakota

North Dakota



Order today to take advantage of this savings for local delivery!


Thank you!!


Herb's Handy Work

Oak Single With Side Cabinet and Drawers

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